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Most of our training involves simulating a situation where someone has wandered away. One of our volunteers will walk away and go 'hide'. They may walk through fields, woods, parking lots, go down sidewalks, cross streams or roads. We have even used limited distances driven in a car. In the end, they may be hidden right out in the open leaning against a tree or hidden under a pile of leaves or in a storm drain. The dogs are then given an item or article left behind by the person to sniff and off they go on this important game of 'Hide and Seek'. Our training takes place Sunday mornings and Thursday nights in all weather conditions. The training locations include private properties, public parks & school district properties. At all of our training locations we always show extreme respect for the environment, cleaning up after ourselves and our dogs. We are always looking for new locations to train in the Bucks/Montgomery areas to give our dogs experience in a wide variety of environments. Locations containing a building available to search, urban locations, or properties with unusual terrain or a wide variety of terrains are our greatest need at this time. If you would like to make any property with over 15 acres available to us for training please contact us as we would greatly appreciate the opportunity. We would also be willing to change training days if needed. We also welcome the opportunity to train using new people to 'find'. Please email us if you are interested in coming out to 'hide' for our dogs. You'll need to love the outdoors and be dressed for both walking and the weather.
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